Swaddling Clothes

Swaddling Clothes

Swaddling Clothes

The mission of Swaddling Clothes is to share the mercy of Christ with our neighbors through the gifts of clothing,  friendship, and the forgiving Word of God.

In June 2016, Trinity opened the Swaddling Clothes store for the first time.  Swaddling Clothes is an outreach program that provides clothing, diapers, and various other items for children from infants to 5T to families in the community.  All items are free to those who can put them to good use.  Donations are accepted at any time, and the store is open on the first Saturday of each month from 9am to noon in the lower level of the church.  Swaddling Clothes has no financial or membership requirements; we simply seek to provide as many families as we can with the items they need.

How does Swaddling Clothes work?

From various donors, we assemble a collection of items associated with pregnancy and motherhood- maternity and baby clothes (up to 5T), diapers, bottles, etc.  Then, on the first Saturday of each month, Trinity hosts a “shopping day” where families can survey our collection and take whatever is needed at no cost. 

We also partner with a number of other organizations, providing referrals and information regarding counseling, health care, employment, and much more.  In addition, we are always ready to share pastoral care and God’s Word of mercy and grace with all.

What do I need to do to make use of Swaddling Clothes?

On shopping days, simply come to the church to look through the items we have available.  Items change each month, and families are welcome to come back as often as they would like.  Items from Swaddling Clothes may not be sold, but families are encouraged to donate them when they are done, either back to Swaddling Clothes or elsewhere.

How can I make a donation to Swaddling Clothes?

To make a donation, simply call the church office at 563-941-5853.  We usually accept good condition clothing and items of all kinds.  Depending on space, we may occasionally not be able to accept donations or larger items, but we are always glad to receive offers.

For more information…

Call the church office at 563-941-5853, email lowden@swaddlingclothes.org, or visit swaddlingclothes.org.